Identity Verification Service (IDv)

Identity fraud and document falsification has become one of the biggest challenges faced in the South African market. With the rise in this type of criminal activity, we are faced with the realisation that such normal forms of identification can no longer be relied on – especially in high stakes situations in which the confirmation of one’s identity is essential. The only reliable digital means of identity confirmation is with biometrics, which is being used more and more in almost every industry.

Digitization has taken the lead role in many transactional processes, and has taken over the way we interact with organisations and each other in general.

This has improved the lives of most in that we can now interact and transact in a digital format. However, when you throw the need for confirmation of identity, digitization has not been able to keep up – for two reasons

  • Limitations around the source of data and its providers.
  • The way in which digitized data is created and secured.

Companies and organizations are able to move at lightning speeds, but governments typically cannot move away from legacy systems so easily. As a result, the best and most authentic means of digitizing the confirmation of Identity can only be through biometrics.

Biometrics is the measurement of biological data, or physical characteristics, for use in personal identification.

In South Africa – the most up to date, secure and authentic source of identity data sits with Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and its National Population Register (NPR).

Catering to the rising need for fast and reliable identification verification, HURU has introduced accurate biometric centric IDv services, using fingerprint-based verification that is cross-checked and verified against the DHA’s NPR. Here’s why biometric identity verification works

  • It is the only way to obtain true and irrefutable proof of identity
  • ID documents can easily be falsified or fraudulently obtained
  • A fingerprint cannot be stolen, copied or changed
  • It is the most authentic and commercially viable method of confirming TRUE identity

In order to be able to offer the capacity to use biometrics for IDv services, we have designed a public facing solution that can be utilized by anyone at any time.

For more high end and complex requirements, we can build bespoke custom solutions for clients specifically catering for the needs of each organisation with regard to identity verification and identity management solutions. We build what you need.


Instant True Identity

Confirm irrefutable TRUE IDENTITY. Be 100% sure you know who you are dealing with by confirming identity using biometrics – cross referenced against the most up-to-date and reliable database available (DHA NPR)

Easy to integrate

We offer these unique identity-verification and identity-management solutions through competitive license-based Software as a Service (SaaS) models. All of our solutions are API driven allowing for seamless integration with any current systems you use.

Custom reporting

Full reporting and integration capacity which we will purpose-fit to your environment.

How HURU offers its IDv service

Huru has two primary ways in which it gives access to its solutions.

  • Public Facing national network of capture locations
    • No purchase of hardware needed
    • Accessible through our online portal
    • Charged Transactionally
  • Purchase your own hardware and use our software
    • You can use our standard application and be charged transactionally
    • We can build bespoke identity verification and management solutions tailored to your needs.
    • Charged as a licence fee (SaaS) based on the complexity of the solution.

    How a HURU IDv works

    In all cases, the core simplicity remains. We need the ID number of the person to be verified as well as the left and right thumb print. We run the prints against the NPR and determine.

    • If the identity supplied does in fact exist
    • Whether or not the prints collected do in fact match the identity supplied

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