Month: April 2023

Criminal Record Checks on Teachers in South Africa

As an educational institution in South Africa, it’s essential to ensure that teachers are fit to work with children. A crucial part of this responsibility is doing a background check on their criminal record status. Since 2019, Schools have been legally required to do background checks on prospective educators and any other prospective employees, including […]

How Criminal Record Checks Benefit Employers and Candidates

How Criminal Record Checks Benefit Employers and Candidates in South Africa

As an employer in South Africa, your staff complement is one of your biggest assets. Hiring the right candidate is critical – not only to ensure a healthy bottom line but also to ensure a safe work environment. One way to safeguard the well-being and productivity of your workplace is by conducting a criminal record […]

The Benefits of Criminal Record Checks in the South African Healthcare Industry

In the South African healthcare industry, decision-makers in hospitals and clinics, government departments, industrial organisations, nursing homes, and recruiters all make hiring decisions based on the candidate’s criminal record status. Checking criminal records is not only essential to ensuring the safety of patients and employees but also a legal requirement in South Africa. Why do […]

A Guide to Criminal Record Checks in South Africa

As an employer, healthcare worker or school principal in South Africa, you may find yourself in a position where you must perform a criminal record check on an individual. Criminal record checks are an important part of the hiring process as they provide essential information about a potential employee’s history. Confirming their criminal record status […]

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