The Impact of Criminal Record Checks on Hiring: Balancing Safety with Second Chances

Employers face a dilemma when considering job applicants with a criminal history. Running criminal record checks allows them to screen for potential risks and cultivate a safe workplace. However, these checks can unfairly penalise individuals who have already paid their debt to society, making it difficult to secure employment and rebuild their lives. Finding the […]

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International Hiring: The Challenges and Solutions for Global Criminal Record Checks

In our interconnected world, we’ve all witnessed the transformation of global hiring. Companies now seek talent beyond borders, embracing diverse skills and perspectives. While this shift opens exciting opportunities, it also presents unique challenges, particularly in conducting criminal record checks. Ensuring a safe and compliant workplace becomes more complex when hiring internationally. Let’s explore these […]

How Do Fingerprint Biometrics Work?

Fingerprint recognition is one of the most widely used biometric technologies in the world. But have you ever wondered how this technology works? How does it help companies like HURU, which specialises in criminal record checks, verify identities with exceptional accuracy? Let’s dive into the fascinating science behind fingerprint biometrics. The Uniqueness of Fingerprints No […]

Criminal Record Expungement: What You Need to Know

In today’s competitive job market, having a criminal record can be a significant hurdle to securing employment. However, there is a glimmer of hope for individuals seeking a fresh start through criminal record expungement. This legal procedure allows the removal of a criminal record from the National Criminal Register, offering a chance for reintegration into […]

Why Tech Companies Can’t Afford to Skip Criminal Record Checks

The Rise of Cybercrime   In today’s digital age, cybercrime poses a significant threat to businesses of all sizes, particularly in the tech industry. Cybercriminals actively target companies with valuable data, intellectual property, and financial resources. Failing to conduct proper criminal record checks during the hiring process leaves tech companies vulnerable to insider threats, data […]

Criminal Record Checks for Volunteer Organisations in South Africa: Ensuring Safety

Volunteering is a noble act that enriches communities and fosters a spirit of service. However, organisations that engage volunteers must prioritise the safety and well-being of those they serve. In South Africa, criminal record checks are pivotal in mitigating potential risks, especially when working with vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. Let’s explore […]

Unveiling Tomorrow’s Standard: Global Trends and Innovations in Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks have come a long way from the days of manual searches and paperwork. In today’s digital age, technological advancements and evolving regulations are reshaping the landscape of background screenings worldwide. Let’s dive into the key global trends and innovations shaping the future of criminal record checks. AI-Powered Screening Artificial Intelligence (AI) is […]

Which Industries Require A Criminal Records Check in South Africa?

Research shows that as many as one in 10 job candidates in South Africa has a criminal record. The study, which included more than 740,000 job application checks, showed that 10% of those candidates had a criminal record. Even more concerning is that out of those candidates with a criminal record, more than 48,000 applicants […]

Can You Do a Free Criminal Record Check in South Africa?

When it comes to obtaining a criminal record check in South Africa, there are two primary avenues: going through the South African Police Service (SAPS) or utilising criminal record check services. Each option has pros and cons, offering different levels of convenience, speed, and cost. You cannot get a free criminal record check done in […]

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