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Why Are Au Pair Background Checks Essential for Child Safety?

In today’s fast-paced life, parents often find themselves juggling an array of responsibilities, and the support of an au pair can be a tremendous relief. These dedicated childcarers assist with day-to-day tasks, from meal preparation to chauffeuring kids to extracurricular activities and helping with homework. They become part of the family, sometimes even joining you […]

Can I Do A Criminal Record Check On Potential Tenants?

If you’re a property owner wanting to rent your place, you’ve probably heard some horror stories about tenants. All landlords want to believe that their renters are trustworthy and will take care of their property. However, in reality, they could disappoint and expose you to serious risks. Real estate company Seeff says landlords often choose […]

Criminal Record Checks: Balancing Privacy, Compliance, and Business Needs

Amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution, data protection and privacy are top of mind for most of us. Social media and digital platforms have opened new doors into people’s personal lives, professional opinions and after-hour activities. Technology makes it easier than ever to screen an applicant’s background. Yet, landlords, recruiters and hiring companies must strike a […]

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