Which Industries Require A Criminal Records Check in South Africa?

Research shows that as many as one in 10 job candidates in South Africa has a criminal record. The study, which included more than 740,000 job application checks, showed that 10% of those candidates had a criminal record. Even more concerning is that out of those candidates with a criminal record, more than 48,000 applicants didn’t disclose their criminal history on application.

While some industries attract far more candidates with criminal histories than others, specific sectors in South Africa almost always require a criminal record check as part of their hiring or regulatory processes. These industries include: 

  • Financial Services

Financial institutions like banks and insurance companies necessitate criminal record checks for roles involving financial management and client trust. Employees handling money and sensitive data or making financial decisions require thorough criminal record checks and screening to ensure integrity and protect against fraud.

  • E-Hailing Drivers

E-hailing drivers spend hours in a vehicle with passengers, giving potential perpetrators the ideal opportunity to target vulnerable individuals or engage in criminal activities. Criminal record checks are paramount in ensuring passenger safety and security, especially considering that e-hailing services cater to a diverse range of passengers, including children, elderly individuals, and those with disabilities. By conducting comprehensive criminal record checks, e-hailing companies can identify any red flags, such as prior convictions related to violence, theft, or sexual misconduct, thus mitigating the risk of harm or misconduct during rides.

  • Healthcare

In healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics, criminal record checks are mandatory for medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. This precaution safeguards patient safety and confidentiality, as well as upholds the standards of professional conduct and ethics.

  • Education

Kindergartens, schools and universities conduct criminal record checks for educators, administrators, and staff interacting closely with students. Ensuring a safe learning environment is paramount, especially when dealing with minors or vulnerable individuals.

  • Government and Law Enforcement

Public sector entities and law enforcement agencies require criminal record checks for public security, law enforcement, and administration personnel. Conducting criminal record checks ensures the integrity and credibility of employees handling sensitive information and crime-related reporting. Citizens’ safety is imperative, and government institutions must do all they can to build and maintain public trust.

  • Childcare and Social Services

Childcare facilities, social service organisations, and NGOs working with vulnerable populations prioritise safety through criminal record checks for employees. This scrutiny helps prevent potential risks and ensures that individuals entrusted with caregiving roles meet the necessary standards of trustworthiness and reliability.

  • Security Services

Private security firms and companies specialising in security services mandate criminal record checks. Employees must be thoroughly vetted when they are responsible for safeguarding properties, assets, and individuals. This screening process is crucial for maintaining the credibility and effectiveness of security personnel in preventing threats and ensuring client safety.

  • Public Transportation

Industries like aviation, railways, and maritime services conduct criminal record checks for safety-critical roles such as pilots, train operators, and naval crew members. Criminal record checks are crucial in ensuring the competency and reliability of personnel responsible for operating transportation systems and ensuring passenger safety.

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Professions such as lawyers, accountants, and auditors require criminal record checks as part of regulatory compliance and due diligence procedures. This verification process helps uphold professional standards, integrity, and legal requirements within these fields.

  • Volunteer Organisations

Non-profit organisations and volunteer groups dealing with vulnerable populations or community services often conduct criminal record checks for volunteers. It’s an integral part of maintaining the safety and well-being of those served by these organisations and fostering trust within the community.

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