The Benefits of Criminal Record Checks in the South African Healthcare Industry

In the South African healthcare industry, decision-makers in hospitals and clinics, government departments, industrial organisations, nursing homes, and recruiters all make hiring decisions based on the candidate’s criminal record status. Checking criminal records is not only essential to ensuring the safety of patients and employees but also a legal requirement in South Africa.

Why do healthcare establishments in South Africa conduct criminal record checks?

Healthcare organisations have a legal and ethical obligation to provide a safe and secure environment. The nature of the healthcare industry means that employees have access to sensitive information, valuable medical equipment, and medication, making it imperative to conduct background checks to ensure that they are not a risk to the workplace.

Furthermore, the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) requires all registered medical practitioners to maintain a criminal record-free status throughout their careers. The HPCSA views criminal records as a potential barrier to entry into the medical profession and can be a risk to public safety. Medical practitioners must be registered with the HPCSA and comply with specific ethical and professional standards. Practitioners who have been found guilty of criminal offences, particularly those related to fraud, dishonesty, and violence, may be deemed unfit to practice and could have their registration revoked or suspended.

Why should healthcare professionals submit their details for criminal record checking?

Healthcare providers in South Africa, such as doctors, nurses, specialists, and general practitioners, should submit their details for criminal record checks to ensure they comply with the HPCSA obligations. The HPCSA has noted that healthcare establishments have a responsibility to ensure that they employ only practitioners who have a criminal record-free status. The HPCSA requires all healthcare practitioners to disclose any criminal records when they apply for registration.

How can healthcare organisations and medical professionals both benefit from criminal background checks?

Criminal record checks help healthcare organisations reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits, decrease employee theft and fraud, and protect patients from harm. By conducting background checks on candidates, employers can create a safe and secure work environment and protect their reputations. Moreover, the HPCSA insists that healthcare establishments are responsible for ensuring the care and safety of vulnerable patients. Medical practitioners also benefit from criminal record checks because it helps build trust and reputation for themselves, their employers, and the medical fraternity at large. A clean criminal record can also increase a professional’s chances of getting hired and create more employment opportunities.

How can medical professionals submit their details for a criminal background check in South Africa?

Medical professionals seeking a criminal background check in South Africa can apply for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the South African Police Service (SAPS). However, this option has some drawbacks. The process can be time-consuming; some applicants have reported waiting periods of up to six months to receive their documentation.

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