The Simplest Way For Recruiters To Verify Criminal Records And Identities of Candidates

Benefits For Recruiters

Criminal record checks are at the heart of HURU, designed to simplify and enhance the efficiency of recruitment professionals’ lives. Our specialised identity verification services cater to recruiters’ needs.

Capture Fingerprints Easily

Our platform makes capturing fingerprints quick and hassle-free. Choose from over 400 nationwide locations, or using your own capture device.

Volume Based Pricing

No worries about high volume recruitment? Our pricing scales as your recruitment company grows. Contact us to explore volume pricing options for criminal record checks.

Results Within Five Hours

With our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into Afiswitch, we deliver verification results in record time. Get employee criminal record checks done within five hours.

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About HURU

At HURU, we take pride in offering South African recruitment companies the simplest, smartest way to verify Criminal Records and Identities. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to provide reliable and efficient identity verification solutions, empowering recruiters to make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

Trust HURU for criminal record checks and seamless identity verification, ensuring a reliable workforce to safeguard your organization’s success.

Comprehensive Verification

We ensure the highest quality control of all fingerprints captured. Additionally, we utilise biometric technology for enhanced true identity verification.

Continuous Verifications

Schedule continuous candidate criminal record checks effortlessly once a fingerprint is captured for future dates.

Discover the simplicity of identity verification with HURU, fostering candidate trust through dependable criminal record checks for recruiters.

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