Fingerprint Capture Solutions

HURU has three fingerprint capture solutions that make it easier than ever to capture fingerprints.

Capture Partner Network

Candidates can simply walk into any one of our nationwide locations and onboard themselves onto the HURU database. A staff member will be able to assist you with this process. It’s completely free and no bookings are required.

In-House Capture Partner

Purchase the required HURU hardware, or use your own fingerprint reader, download our free capture software - giving you the ability to capture fingerprints of candidates whenever you need to run a verification.

Mobile Capture Partners

HURU will dispatch a trained and certified fingerprint capture technician to a location of your choice, where they will capture as many individual's fingerprints onto the HURU database as you require.

To Capture Your Fingerprint You’ll Need:

  • A valid ID or Passport
  • The person whose fingerprints you wish to capture

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To Request A Verification You'll Need:

  • The persons ID or Passport Number, and digital consent
  • Registered account on HURU

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How Does HURU Work?

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