The Simplest Way To Comply for SACE Criminal Checks

Criminal Background Checks for SACE

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) aims to enhance the status of the teaching profession through appropriate registration, management of professional development and implementation of a Code of Ethics for all educators

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HURU aims to support this initiative by making the lives of educators simpler and more efficient in an effort to comply with SACE’s Criminal Check requirements. Completing your Criminal Check can be a long and stressful process, especially if it’s your first time – It is the objective of HURU to make this simple and easy.

HURU’s system is designed with the concept of ease and efficiency in mind in order to streamline the process and take away the uncertainty around getting a Criminal Check processed.

When using our system you will only ever need to get your fingerprints captured once. Once on our system, you will be able to run checks and receive reports online at any time in the future without having to get your fingerprints captured again.

With features such as automatic re-runs, online report access and reduced turnaround time of your results, we make the process easier and more accessible than ever before.


Easily Capture Fingerprints

We make capturing fingerprints quick and easy. Have them captured at any of our nationwide locations, using your own capture device, or request a mobile capture expert to come to you.

Automatic Re-run

We give people the ability to verify the past and secure the future. Once fingerprints have been captured, you can easily schedule a re-run of your Criminal Check.

Results Within 2 Hour

We’ve custom built our own technology, with a seamless integration into Afiswitch. This allows us to produce verification results in record time using priority check option.


How do I get my check done

  1. Check the criteria you require as seen on this registration criteria guide from SACE
  2. Complete the registration form from SACE found here
  3. Go to your nearest HURU Capture Location, listed under our locations tab.
  4. Ask to have you fingerprints captured for a SACE criminal check
  5. The operator will capture your prints and they will be loaded to the HURU platform online. You will receive an SMS and email confirming this along with login credentials
  6. Log in at with the details provided
  7. Click start verification
  8. Enter your ID number or passport used for the capture. Select the reason SACE under reason section and proceed
  9. You can select between various options which will decide how quickly the check is run. Prices are listed below
  10. Pay for the check in your cart using a payment method including EFT, Credit card, Retail outlet or various other options
  11. Once paid for, your check will run against the SAPS database and your result will be emailed to you and will be available online





Price for 1 minute



inc VAT

Results within 48 hours *

Verified with The SAPS



inc VAT

Results within 5 hours *

Verified with The SAPS



inc VAT

Results within 2 hours *

Verified with The SAPS

All prices are VAT inclusive and are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Additional charges may apply. Turn-around times are subject to supplier up time.

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